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Fashionable Men at the Met

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David Beckham at #NYFW



David Beckham has become a figure of increasing popularity in the men’s fashion world for his off-the-field frocks. Beckham now has his own underwear and sock line to be carried at H&M retailers worldwide. However good he may look in his knickers, he looked equally as dapper this weekend seated front row next to Anna Wintour at wife, Victoria Beckham’s NYFW debut. Mr. Beckham donned an impeccably well-fitted black suit, palest of blue dress shirt, and a sleek black skinny tie. Oh and of course, his wedding band- sorry ladies. His best accessory, however, and the talk-of-the-town, was his daughter, Harper Beckham. There will likely be as many articles about this adorable toddler as their will be about her mother’s Spring 2014 line.


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LDW Deals & Digs

Bloomingdale’s : 20-65% Off


Top Picks:

BloomGROxfords BloomHUGOChamb        BloomMKShirt

Gordon Rush $245.00  $156.18                    HUGO  $105.00    $78.75             Michael Kors $125.00     $74.37

Brooks Brothers: Up to 60% Off


Top Picks:

BBcottont BBParka BBSportCoat

Cotton Tee $49.50  $29.70            Casual Parka $298.00  $119.20    Cashmere Sport Coat $998.00  $499.00

Vineyard Vines: 20% Off Sale Items



Cashmere Sweater $98.50  $60.00 Seersucker Shorts $79.50  $40.00

J.Crew: 30% Sale Item



Vintage Wash $98.90  $61.60        Pocket T $45.00   $14.00          Ludlow Suit Jacket $425.00 $199.00

Nordstrom: Up to 40% Off Shoes


Top Picks:

NordChukka                       NordLoafer                          NordLaCoste

Chukka Boot $240.00  $159.90    Mezlan Loafer  $335.00  $219.96   Lacoste Twill $120.00  $71.98

Lord & Taylor : 20% Off Regular & Sale, and 10% Off Clearance


Top Picks:

LTKrooBlazer LTLacosteShirtLTCKBelt

Kroon Blazer $275.00  $143.99     Lacoste $98.00  $39.20   Calvin Klein $45.00   $25.20

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When buying something for your wardrobe, the material, or fabric, is just as important, if not more important than the design of the item. The rule-of-thumb here is to always check the tag for 100%, or pure, fabrics.


L I N E N                                                           W O O L                                                        S U E D E


Shirts: 100% Cotton

Ties: 100% Wool or 100% Silk

Belts: 100% Leather


  • Business Casual: 100% Suede or 100% (Genuine) Leather
  • Dress: 100% Leather

Sports Coats/ Blazers :

  • 100% Wool: Slightly heavier, structured, classic

-Wool/Cashmere Blend (The only acceptable blend): rich, elegant

  • 100% Suede: Can be more casual, or more hip/trendy
  • 100% Cotton Twill: Softer, more relaxed
  • 100% Linen: Cooler fabric, country-club-esque

Suit Coats: 100% wool or 100% Linen

A pure, 100% fabric choice is going to translate to a higher price tag, but with that comes higher quality. You are paying for something that is going to last, while maintaining its comfort and structure.

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Justin Timberlake…Audience Appeal

JT VMA Performance

As long as he’s got his suit & tie

While I am not a fan of this ensemble as an outfit, as a show piece or costume, it works, especially given the context of his performance. JT’s 2013 VMA performance came on the heels of a kick ass year for the artist, as evidenced by the fact that 15 minutes were reserved for his performance. With that said, the man could have worn anything- a luxury that comes with a position of power and respect from your peers, or colleagues if you want to translate this to the business world. Justin didn’t just wear anything though. This outfit was thoughtfully coordinated to suit Timberlake’s personal style, his venue (or context), and his audience. Had Justin been performing at a benefit or ball, it is HIGHLY likely that his wardrobe choice would have been more reserved, classic, even safe. But that’s just it- this was not a ball or formal event- this was the MTV Video Music Awards- a venue where everyone is looking to stand out and be remembered and some even trying to elicit a certain degree of shock-value. I don’t think this outfit was “shocking” by any means, as we have come to expect exceptionally well-tailored 3-piece suits and tuxes from the award-winning artist, but at the same time this is not an outfit we’d expect so see Justin in on the streets, or in a more sophisticated context.

The lessons here are…

1. It is extremely important to remember each day who you are and who you want to be, as well as who your audience is.

2. Never try to rock a fedora. You are not and never will be Don Draper.

3. Costumes are not the same as outfits.

4. When you’re as powerful, talented, and respected as JT then maybe, just MAYBE you can get away with a fedora, and what, in my opinion, is a hideous white vest.

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