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Fashionably British


Don’t get me wrong I adore American fashion and American designs, but there is something so debonaire about British fashion that I absolutely adore. One of the most endearing qualities of British menswear is how true to tradition it remains; British design elements very rarely change or evolve, which is a characteristic that some may criticize, but their designs are traditional and unique from the rest of world, and quite honestly, don’t need to changes.

Their muted, neutral color palettes are neither drab nor are they attention-seeking; they are a total reflection of Great Britain’s climate and culture.  Britain’s foggy, often rainy, maritime climate doesn’t lend itself to bright cheerful colors, and the British “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude doesn’t allow for pompous fashion and bold look at me palettes. Navy blue, hunter green, and shades of grey dominate British wardrobes, which might make one think that British fashion is dull or just more of the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For Brits, distinction in fashion lies in the design: the fit, the cut, the quality. Men’s formal and ready-to-wear shirts, sports coats, and blazers traditionally slim-cut and fitted to the body, cutting in slightly at the waist. Trousers, too, are typically very slim cut and taper down the leg, which differs from traditional American designs, which usually have a straight leg. Outerwear diverges from the other ready-to-wear items I have mentioned in that the designs are typically less fitted, but remains in sync with the rest of British menswear in its color palette. Outwear is made of durable textiles, almost always lined, and designed to endure all weather conditions.

Idiot’s Guide to Buying British:

  • Knickers: Underwear
  • Gilet: Vest
  • Trouser: Pants
  • Caban: Jacket featuring a cutaway collar; usually double breasted
  • Parka: lightweight, durable coat; typically lined and meant for rainy or windy weather conditions

Here are some of my favorite pieces from each of my favorite British brands and retailers…

Jack Wills:







Paul Smith:



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Trending Threads: Fall

Now that LDW is over, summer has officially come to end. That means it’s time to put away the brights, whites, and pastels, as fall brings a whole new pallet of colors that are darker, richer, and certainly more pigmented.  Along with the deeper tones and cooler temperatures is a wider range of wardrobe choices for men. The increase in options when you go to your closet stems mostly from the ability to layer in the fall (and winter) months. How far into the season, and depending on where you live, layering will take on a variety of meanings, but take advantage of the ability to throw on a few extra items.

Don’t be afraid to mix multiple colors and fabrics in one outfit; this season’s core colors compliment each other really well!

Colors of the Season:



Ralph Lauren                    J. Press               Brooks Brothers       Hugo Boss

Burgundy/ Maroon:


J. Press                           Vince                         John Varvatos           J. Press



Saturday Surf                                      Paul Smith                                              J. Press

Seasonal Staples:



Brooks Brothers                                            Rag & Bone                                  John Varvatos



French Connection                  Ralph Lauren                                       Thom Browne

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