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1 for the money, 2 for the SHOE…

There’s no denying that Elvis made more than an impact on American society through his music, pelvic thrusting, and unique sense of style. The most iconic element of the king’s style is undeniably his blue suede shoes. While you can’t have Elvis’ blue kicks (unless you have 80,000 extra bones in the bank), I am happy to tell you that blue suede shoes have made a commendable come-back and you can now get almost any style of shoe in blue suede, and at an affordable price (relative to 80 grand).

bluesuedeshoesCreating a modern Elvis-inspired outfit…

  • For a night out, pair a nice dark, slim-cut, cuffed jeans with a chukka style boot in blue suede, and on top try a button-down in a grey, light blue, or salmon. You might also try a v-neck tee and blazer on top.
  • During the work week, a grey trouser, brown belt, navy sports coat, and dress shirt set the stage for a blue suede wingtip.
  • For a business casual or casual look, opt for the loafer or boat shoe in blue suede. Pair it with a nice chino for the office or a more casual jean for running errands or grabbing lunch.

View and shop my WishCloud inspired by Elvis!

This trend is a great way to take an ordinary outfit and make it stand-out.


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Style Spotlight: Public School


Admittedly, I actually had never heard of the Public School brand and certainly not of it’s creative designers Max Osborne or Dao-Yi Chow until they began receiving national attention and kudos from the American fashion industry elites. In 2013 the duo was dubbed Swarovski Menswear of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), an organization led by Diane von Furstenberg and Vogue, dedicated to the investment in and growth of the fashion industry and American designers. Later in the year, Public School was officially indicted into the coveted CFDA community winning the $300,000 Fashion Fund award, a signal of the American fashion industry’s commitment to the growth of the two designers and their sporty, sleek street-style brand.

Read more about Public School & the CFDA here, here, and here.

The designers and men behind the brand, both native New Yorkers, Osborne and Chow, met while working at Tommy Hilfiger. While they have several years between them in age and were in different positions at Hilfiger, they find common ground in their design aesthetic. They began actively collaborating after Dao-Yi opened a boutique in Florida and brought on Max to help him create an exclusive line for the store. While the store did not survive, the design relationship and friendship between Osborne and Chow thrived and Public School was launched in 2007.

When the brand first launched, their vision was clear: they wanted to create sleek, sporty street-style garments with an air of decadence characteristic to luxury brands. However, with production and manufacturing taking place in China, the quality promised by their designs was not delivered. Public School suffered as a result and was dropped from Barney’s. The brand was relaunched in 2012 with the same concept, and this time Chow and Osborne made the crucial decision to conduct all matters of production and manufacturing in the United States, specifically Brooklyn, to ensure that what they put out was of the highest quality possible.
(Another triumph for American manufacturing!)

The re-launch was a total success- the brand rebounded with incredible force,  gaining support from the fashion community, and with their national recognition by the CFDA , the duo has gained the attention and respect of  global fashion elites.

Here’s the run-down on Public School…

How to describe their designs? Clean, sporty, street-style roots with high fashion inspiration looks.
Who do they design for? The edgy, sophisticated but sporty American male.
Where do they get their inspiration? High fashion, NYC, basketball, etc.
Where can you buy their designs? Public School, ShopStyle, RevolveClothing
What will it cost you? $180-$1600
What’s coming? Women’s Read-to-Wear!

Public School

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Menswear on the Runway A/W 2014- Part II

NAME ON the TAG: James Long

What’s to love?
Texture, texture, texture. I want to have these pieces just so I can touch them as I brush through the items in my closet each morning…As for actually wearing these garments, they are bold pieces with geometric details and are architecturally interesting so they are great statement pieces to be paired with less textured items and staple pieces.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 6.40.12 PM


NAME ON the TAG: Jonathan Saunders

Why I love it?
Everything was bold and bright, which is a contrast to a lot of other menswear designers who opt for a darker, more neutral-toned palette in the colder months. Not to mention, his entire collection featured something that I take every opportunity to emphasize on my blog and model in life: MIXING PATTERNS.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 6.52.55 PM


NAME ON the TAG: A. Sauvage

What’s to love? 
Sleek, clean styles in fun yet sophisticated textiles. The line takes staple menswear pieces and throws fun, bold patterns on them to make them fresh and exciting.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 7.14.44 PM

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Menswear on the Runway A/W 2014- Round 1

 NAME ON the TAG: Common

What’s to love?
It’s both fun and edgy, but also very WEARABLE. (This is often overlooked on the runway.) The collection is very Euro-urban…not sure that’s an actual thing, but if it were…I say this because the garments are edgy and urban-inspired but have sleek lines and European fit.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 6.47.44 PM


NAME ON the TAG: Chester Barrie

What’s to love?
Exquisite fitting suits! Classic, clean lines. The designs  are chic and sophisticated and the styling is spot-on. Captivating styles that can span generations. I love it all!!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 7.01.05 PM


NAME ON the TAG: Hardy Amies

What’s to love?

EVERYTHING. I’m all about classic looks that will never go out of style when it comes to menswear. These are items you can buy now and continue to wear for the rest of your life. I love the splash of bold colors throughout the collection. And I love the layering! You can mix and match all of the individual pieces to create so many different outfits and looks.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 7.21.51 PM

(All photos sourced from Vogue)

More here…


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Welcome to the Jungle- Animal Print for Men

animalaccessFor as long as anybody can remember women have been wearing furs and garments adorned in animal prints, and as of late this trend has become extremely population, especially among college-age women and recent grads. However, animal prints and patterns are increasing their presence among Gen-Y men as well…and I don’t hate it. Anyone who has read previous blog posts knows that as much as I love a classic suit, clean lines, and solid colors, I have a (very large) spot in my heart (pun intended) for prints and patterns as an accessory to the aforementioned solids. Animal prints are no exception.

If you’re like most men and you’re hesitant to embrace anything that may seem different, unusual, or risky, then start small and slow with the animal print trend. The easiest way to start off with this trend is by rocking it in discrete places- try leopard print socks, or zebra boxer briefs. As you start getting braver, try accessorizing a neutral palette of black, greys, browns, and taupe, with a leopard tie or belt. Then when you’ve had a few drinks or you’re feeling really ballsy go for a leopard print shoe, hat, or scarf!

Check out my Animal Accessories WishCloud for inspiration!

Should Men Wear Leopard Print?
(Spoiler Alert: YES, men should wear leopard print!)

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New Year, New Cut: Top 3 Hair Trends for Men in 2014

1. The “long on the top short on the sides” look is all the rage. Not only is this look super sexy, it works on fine, normal, and curly hair textures, and it can be worn in a slick, gel-ed, combed-back style or is a more casual tussled style. This is the kind of look that hipsters, frat boys, models, and investment bankers alike can agree is fucking awesome.


2. The “clean-cut side sweep” look. This is a slight variation on number 1 as it requires the hair on the top of the head to be slightly longer than that on the sides, but rather and being brushed back or messy and fulled up and forward, this look has the hair combed neatly to the side. This is a look for co-eds, aspiring politicians, and/ or those with a more conservative job and lifestyle. Image

3. The “slick and sleek” look  that covered the runway for ready-to-wear women’s designers was a trend at menswear shows as well and is spreading to the streets for both sexes. It’s a versatile look because it can be successfully executed regardless of hair cut. However, I should note that this look is most easily achieved on those with straighter hair.


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Holiday Party Dress Code

Tis the season for holiday parties which means lots of small talk, Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD, mistletoe, and egg nog hangovers. It also means having to put together an outfit that says “I’m classy, but I’m here to party.”… I’m kidding, but seriously…If you’re just getting out of college, then chances are you’re an HPV- Holiday Party Virgin, because hosting an Ugly Sweater Party at your frat house last year doesn’t count, and showing up to a block party, office party, or family party dressed in an ugly sweater, Elf boxers, and a Santa hat isn’t going to land your name on anybody’s “nice list” this season, let alone next year’s invite list serve.

The look to aim for when it comes to dressing for holiday parties is “comfortable sophistication.” This means putting away the Elf boxers and ugly sweater, because while those things might be comfortable, they are hardly sophisticated. However, unless explicitly stated in some sort of “you are cordially invited…” invitation, there is really no need to break out the expensive suit or tux. It’s a party- you’re there to mingle and have fun, and you should be comfortable doing it.

It’s important to keep the venue and the audience in mind when choosing any outfit, but this is especially true when t comes to a party. However, there are a few pretty safe bet items that are sure to suit any party’s style. Try a pair of corduroys or chinos in a dark color like Navy, Burgundy, or Brown, or a pair of slim fit dark wash jeans on the bottom. On top, try a sport or dress shirt in a lighter color like chambray, white, or even salmon. Couple this with a nice navy, burgundy, or grey sports coat in a tweed, wool, or cashmere. If that’s too much, opt for a sweater vest or cardigan in place of the blazer. Either way, top it off with a classic skinny tie and you are good to go.

Remember that it’s a party. Add an accent item to your outfit, like a saturated sweater in a deep color, a velvet blazer, a bright patterned tie, or really nice suede wingtips or boots in a fun, complimentary color!


Don’t be afraid to mix fabric materials and patterns. Have fun with it!

Remember that the holiday season is all about giving, so don’t come empty handed. Greet the host or hostess with a bottle of wine, seasonal candle, or festive food like holiday popcorn or cookies.

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