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Stupid Cupid: Valentine’s Gift Guide


“The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.” – Billy Graham
Valentine’s Day is all about romance! Keep this in mind. Whatever you do or give to your significant other on this day should be totally selfless, it should surprise and excite. Do something unexpected; do something you may not otherwise do. Throw rationale out the door. Be playful, be fun, be thoughtful, be romantic.
Forget the cliches of jewelry and flowers. Do something that will make your girlfriend, wife, significant other feel like you know them better than anyone else. In my opinion experiences and activities are much more romantic and memorable than a traditional gift.
Here are a few ideas:
 heart If you can afford to go away for the weekend, surprise your girl with a (seemingly) spontaneous getaway. Choose a quaint place where the two of you can spend quality time just the too of you without too many distractions. A nice lake-side or mountain cabin is a great idea for those who live in the Northeast or Mid-West regions. If you live in the South or a coastal area, rent a small beach house for a night or two.
heartIf you have both been talking about a trip to Rome or Paris, but can’t quite afford it, recreate it at your home or a hotel by modifying your surroundings. If going for the Parisian theme, set up a small bistro table with flowers and candles, have french music playing, order macaroons, eat things like escargot and brie cheese, make crepes together.
heartFocus on her favorite things. Cook her favorite meal and dessert, have her favorite music playing throughout dinner, her favorite movie in the DVD player, etc. This is a great way to make her feel special and let her know you pay attention and care about her without breaking the bank.
If you’re afraid you’ll mess one of those things up, or if you’re just not totally comfortable doing something, buy her something that isn’t too cliche or average.
heartIf you decide on jewelry, it should be something exceptionally nice- something that comes in a little blue box, to be precise. OR if you aren’t feeling a trip to Tiffany’s, buy something nice and have it personalized with a short message or her initials.
heartMake her something. Girls are used to making things like collages or nice framed photographs, but rarely do they receive them. Gather pictures, movie tickets, etc. and create a collage, or have a photo of the two of you enlarged, and professionally printed and framed.
Click here for more INSPIRED Valentine’s Day gifts!
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From Hair to Hanger: The True Story of Ombre


The trend that flooded hair salons with girls trying to look like runway models and the Kardashian sisters is now trickling into men’s (and women’s) fashion. The subtle fade from dark to light, known as ombre, is doing the same thing for clothes as it once did for hair; the dying trick gives depth and dimension to something that was once monochromatic and plain.

My prediction is that like the hair trend, this probably won’t survive more than a year to a year or two, so don’t let yourself overspend on this trend. Choose basic items like t-shirts, pullovers, or button-downs at reasonable price points. There is no need to spring for a $300 ombre cashmere sweater only to have it be out of style the following year, but that’s just me.

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Trend Alert: Unconventional Camo

What used to be reserved for hunting, fishing, and redneckery is coming out of the woods and entering the mainstream.  So either people using camo to portray a hunter/farmer/rural image, or our perception of and reaction to camo is changing, or both.The most ironic and comical part about this is that the camo trend is most popular among urban and preppier crowds, which traditionally try to distance themselves from anything that might be portrayed as redneck, hilly-billy, or less than luxury. Regardless, this is a trend for the masses; companies from H&M to J.Crew to Prada as well as smaller brands and designers are picking up on and pushing out hard. Even if you want to avoid it, you are going to be forced to see it in the stores, on the streets, and even on the runway. So chances are you will inevitably be forced to blend in(pun intended) and rock the once grudge-inducing camo print.

Before you get started…

1. You MUST be confident wearing it…this is especially true if you’re the first of your friend group to try it out- chances are high that they will rip on you… until they eventually learn to embrace it.

2. Start small and subtle. Maybe a camo wallet, socks, pocket square, or phone cover. Get comfortable with it before you run out and buy a camo jumpsuit. (That was a joke) NEVER buy a camo jumpsuit…don’t do it.


Now, the fun part. Here are a few (tasteful) outfit ideas that incorporate camo:

camooutfit1 camooutfit2 camooutfit3

You can find these items and other inspiration on my Camo Comback Wishcloud!

Follow me to see all my favorite clothing items and accessories!

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Style Spotlight: Beau Ties

Imagine the craziest most fun pattern you can think of…now imagine that pattern or print fastened into a well-crafted classic-cut neck or bow tie…what you get is Beau Ties. Beau Ties, a Vermont-based company, offers its customer neck-wear in a wide variety of cuts and styles in an even wider variety of fun, bold patterns and at an affordable price with pieces starting at $40.00.



In 1993, Bill Kenerson began crafting a small variety of fun, attractive bow ties for himself out of dissatisfaction with what retailers at the time had to offer. Then he took a risk, put himself out there, and began selling his quality pieces in a one-page mailer. The response was all around positive and as word spread, demand increased, and eventually Kenerson and his wife devoted themselves to establishing Beau Ties as a legitimate brand specializing in neck-wear and devoted to quality and craftsmanship. Even as the company and product line  have expanded, and the company changed ownership, the commitment to quality has remained intact in each and every one of their products which now include menswear items, accessories, and a few women’s fashion items.

Reasons to Shop & Love this Brand:

1. Made in America
2. High-Quality Craftsmanship
3. Affordability
4. Customization
5. Customer Satisfaction Policies

My favorite pieces:


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Welcome to the Jungle- Animal Print for Men

animalaccessFor as long as anybody can remember women have been wearing furs and garments adorned in animal prints, and as of late this trend has become extremely population, especially among college-age women and recent grads. However, animal prints and patterns are increasing their presence among Gen-Y men as well…and I don’t hate it. Anyone who has read previous blog posts knows that as much as I love a classic suit, clean lines, and solid colors, I have a (very large) spot in my heart (pun intended) for prints and patterns as an accessory to the aforementioned solids. Animal prints are no exception.

If you’re like most men and you’re hesitant to embrace anything that may seem different, unusual, or risky, then start small and slow with the animal print trend. The easiest way to start off with this trend is by rocking it in discrete places- try leopard print socks, or zebra boxer briefs. As you start getting braver, try accessorizing a neutral palette of black, greys, browns, and taupe, with a leopard tie or belt. Then when you’ve had a few drinks or you’re feeling really ballsy go for a leopard print shoe, hat, or scarf!

Check out my Animal Accessories WishCloud for inspiration!

Should Men Wear Leopard Print?
(Spoiler Alert: YES, men should wear leopard print!)

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New Year, New Cut: Top 3 Hair Trends for Men in 2014

1. The “long on the top short on the sides” look is all the rage. Not only is this look super sexy, it works on fine, normal, and curly hair textures, and it can be worn in a slick, gel-ed, combed-back style or is a more casual tussled style. This is the kind of look that hipsters, frat boys, models, and investment bankers alike can agree is fucking awesome.


2. The “clean-cut side sweep” look. This is a slight variation on number 1 as it requires the hair on the top of the head to be slightly longer than that on the sides, but rather and being brushed back or messy and fulled up and forward, this look has the hair combed neatly to the side. This is a look for co-eds, aspiring politicians, and/ or those with a more conservative job and lifestyle. Image

3. The “slick and sleek” look  that covered the runway for ready-to-wear women’s designers was a trend at menswear shows as well and is spreading to the streets for both sexes. It’s a versatile look because it can be successfully executed regardless of hair cut. However, I should note that this look is most easily achieved on those with straighter hair.


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(life)Style Lessons Learned from Grease

1. Confidence is HOT. The male characters in Grease, mainly the T-birds and the Scorpions, were by-and-large not very attractive, but somehow they always had a flock of girls around them. That’s because they were confident; they were cool and they knew it…and girls love that. So be confident in yourself.


2. Changing your look can do wonders for you. In the final scene of Grease, Sandy ditched the poodle skirt and bell shaped haircut, and emerged in a hot monochromatic black on black look with a bad-ass hairstyle (for that time) and a whole new attitude. And everyone can agree new Sandy > old Sandra D. Try something new with your look and be confident in it. If you embrace your new look so will others.


3. Guys can and should dance! Nothing is more attractive than a guy who can dance so don’t be afraid to actually dance, rather than bump and grind, with a girl. Girls associate dancing with sex- if you’re good at the former, there is a high probability you’re good at the latter. Don’t know how to dance? Google it.


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New Years Resolutions!


1.    Take Risks…in your wardrobe and in your life! Go ahead, mix plaid with polka dots, tell your boss about your new project ideas.
2.    Start Fresh. Go through your closet and pick out the items that are out of style or looking dingy and abused. Donate these items and treat yourself to a few new buys.
3.    Treat Yourself. Be selfish every once in a while.  Make a promise to yourself to do something frivolous once a month. Whether it be buying yourself something new, indulging in a filet Mignon at Fogo de Chao, or grab a massage or manicure.
4.    Mix Things Up. If you have a routine, change it up- break the pattern, rearrange your schedule. If you don’t have a routine, start one!
5.    Commit to Being Healthy! Eat better- start by replacing your morning Joe with a banana, choosing organic, local foods, and opting for veggies and fruits as snacks.
6.    Dress Better. Go for quality over quantity. As a guy, you can get away with having just a few really nice dress shirts, rotating them, and incorporating variation through neck-wear! Take advantage of the post X-Mas sales and stock up on staples!
7.    Be Confident. Knowing your strengths and liking yourself can go a long way in advancing yourself in professional and social settings.
8.    Treat People Better. Forgive those who wronged you. Take an interest in others. Smile at strangers. Spend more time with friends and family.
9.    Work Out. Join a gym and register for some classes- try spinning, or Zumba, or a few sessions with a personal trainer.
10.    Volunteer.  Find a cause you believe in and start contributing. Time is just as useful as money. Volunteer at a shelter, local school, clinic, etc. Not only will you be helping others but you can also add some Pro Bono work to your resume.

Don’t forget to checkout the NYE Style Guide to look your best when bringing in 2014!

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Clothing with a Conscious

The acknowledgement and subsequent increased awareness of human impact on the health of the earth and each other has resulted in countries, leaders, and industries reevaluating their regulations and practices and exploring  innovative ways to contribute to the movement. The fashion industry is no exception. From choosing organic, natural fabrics, to using recycled goods for packaging to relocating production and manufacturing to places with preferable working conditions.

Here are a few brands that are dedicated to more responsible design and fostering good will:

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 12.41.58 PM

Fanmail is allll about transparency from what their products are made from, which could be organic cotton hemp jersey or organic cotton hemp french terry, both textiles that combine eco-friendly materials from certified responsible farms, to where their garments are dyed and produced: Los Angeles and Brooklyn, respectively. Props to them for finding a way to be environmentally friendly and support local American businesses! #MadeInAmerica

While their garments aren’t especially artistic looking, the art is in their creation. Check out some of their basics!


Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 9.33.36 AM pronounced “now”

Nau is a company I think I could settle into with quite nicely, and not just because their clothes are both sensible and stylish, but because it’s obvious that their small team of 20 are a bunch of badasses! I mean, they use the word f#*k on their website- bold, and I like it. Beyond the cool factor that is evident in every aspect of their company, Nau is committed to creating awesome and inspired pieces from sustainable, renewable materials in an eco-friendly manner. Nau is globally sourced, which means that even though they are headquartered in Portland, Oregon, their materials come from Korea, New Zealand, China, Japan, and the US, and manufacturing takes place in Turkey, China, Canada, and Thailand. When their products are complete and sold, 2% of sale are donated to humanitarian and environmental causes!

Check out their awesome urban and outdoor wear!

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 1.22.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 9.32.11 AM

Two Birds is a clothing company whose products are entirely designed, created, and manufactured in our neighbor to the north. Using Canadian materials like bamboo, tencel, and organic cotton, Two Birds works with socially conscious and responsible partners to create some pretty sweet garments. They initiated a pretty cool program to incentivize customers to recycle worn, unwanted, clothing items; TB allows customers to send them their used clothing at no cost, and in turn Two Birds finds constructive and innovative ways to use or donate the old clothes and gives the customer 10% off their next purchase! Talk about killing two birds with one stone (pun intended).

Here are a few of their items. Check out the rest on their site.


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Gift Guide for Guys (Under $200)



1. A nice flask. Make it personalized and get it monogrammed.

2.Stone or ceramic shot glasses. They are much more durable and break resistant than traditional glassware.

3.Fun, colorful, patterned socks make great stocking stuffers and are a necessity you can’t go wrong with…

4.A new designer scent. Take note of what he usually wears and try to find something similar, but different!

5.Shaving accessories like a shaving cream brush, traditional straight blade, and/or aftershave cooling gel.

6.A nice, leather money clip (or wallet), because he’s going to need somewhere to put the giftcards and cash that people who don’t know him well (or people who didn’t read this post) are bound to get him.

7. A silk pocket square in a fun pattern that compliments the number 9.tie you’re also getting him.

8.Warm and stylish winter weather scarf in cashmere or wool.

9.The aforementioned patterned silk tie. Try gingham or polka dots instead of traditional stripes or plaid.


Shop this gift guide! Plus check out other similar or related products!!

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