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Trend Alert: Monk Straps for Everyday

The Monk Strap shoe, a classic mens dress shoe featuring a strap and buckle closure once reserved for cocktail parties and formal occasions, is breaking into the casual realm of dressing. GQ published a great article on Monk Straps almost two years ago, and in it suggested that monk straps were already acceptable for every day wear, but, personally, I am just now beginning to see this acceptance in action, and am more frequently noticing stylish men sporting single and even double straps on less than formal occasions.

Here are a few of my favorite monks and how to wear them:


  1. Rush by Gordon Rush Leather Monk Straps: These monks are versatile for the man who lives in business-casual attire. (So, basically any yuppy) Wear these beautiful brown monks with black, navy, or khaki slacks at work. After work pair them with navy, dark green, or khaki slim cut, cuffed chinos. For an even more casual look you can wear these with a very dark, denim pant as long as you have a nice shirt and even a sports coat to go with it.
  2. Del Toro Suede Monk Strap: These monks are definitely more casual, but equally as stylish as their fancier counterparts. I love the combination of the deep red suede with the bright blue sole. However this color combination limits what colors you can wear with them. For these particular more casual monks, I would pair with them a rich slim cut denim pant, patterned sock, blue or white button down, or a navy and white striped tee. Accessorize with a brown belt, fedora, and or a funky bow tie.
  3. McCarren & Sons Cap-toe Nubuck Double Monk Strap: These monks are probably one of my favorite for the following reasons: the cut of the toe is neither round, square, nor pointy; the colors are classic neutrals that can go with just about everything; the wooden sole makes them appropriate for cocktail hour as well as work, in addition to more casual circumstances.
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It’s all in the bag…Campos Bags


Normally my posts are about all things related to men’s fashion, but this spotlight post steps away from menswear and into the world of accessories, specifically leather handbags.  If you like simple, high-quality, American-made leather goods, Campos Bags is a brand you need to know.

Campos was founded by Roy Campos, a Peruvian and American leather master, in 2012 and is continuously growing its brand. Each of the Campos designs are produced and manufactured here in the United States, (Brooklyn to be exact), to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The Campos style of bags are designed to be both highly functional and stylish. Each of the styles are unique but share clean lines, limited embellishment, and stand-out stitching. The Satchel Tote and Zip Tote are the type of bag I wish I had in college- a great alternative to a Longchamp, Michael Kors, or sorority tote. The high-quality materials, secure handles, and zipper enclosures make these bags perfect for carrying around your laptop, books, wallet, etc. If you’re not a co-ed and/or you’re looking for something a little smaller, but equally as streamlined and functional, the Triple Zip Clutch and Double Pouch Crossbody are the way to go. Each of these smaller options has several pockets for storing and separating your favorite items, but neither of these designs is bulky or heavy.

Roy Campos, the founder and lead designer for the self-titled brand was nice enough to answer a few question about himself, the brand, and his products. Here is what he had to say…

1. The brand in 3 words: Simple, Sustainable, Fun
2. What’s to come: Backpacks & Small leather goods
3. Target customer: Stylish women and men who love clean, classic American design that is sustainably made in America.
4. The future: A storefront might be nice so people can come in to create their custom Campos bags and peruse our leather and zipper options in person. We like to connect directly with our customers.

This is just a sneak peak inside this amazing Made-In-America brand. To learn more about the company and shop the products, visit the Campos Bags site. Also, stay tuned for more from Roy in an upcoming blog post discussing the challenges and rewards of designing and producing in the United States.

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When buying something for your wardrobe, the material, or fabric, is just as important, if not more important than the design of the item. The rule-of-thumb here is to always check the tag for 100%, or pure, fabrics.


L I N E N                                                           W O O L                                                        S U E D E


Shirts: 100% Cotton

Ties: 100% Wool or 100% Silk

Belts: 100% Leather


  • Business Casual: 100% Suede or 100% (Genuine) Leather
  • Dress: 100% Leather

Sports Coats/ Blazers :

  • 100% Wool: Slightly heavier, structured, classic

-Wool/Cashmere Blend (The only acceptable blend): rich, elegant

  • 100% Suede: Can be more casual, or more hip/trendy
  • 100% Cotton Twill: Softer, more relaxed
  • 100% Linen: Cooler fabric, country-club-esque

Suit Coats: 100% wool or 100% Linen

A pure, 100% fabric choice is going to translate to a higher price tag, but with that comes higher quality. You are paying for something that is going to last, while maintaining its comfort and structure.

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