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It’s Raining, Men

You all know the saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ You anticipate, at least mentally, that this month of the year will be reliably rainy, but I’ve noticed that mental readiness does not necessarily signify wardrobe readiness.

Dressing for winter and fall weather ailments is much different than dressing for spring and  summer ailments. In the fall and winter seasons, the primary focus in terms of outerwear is warmth, although there is a need to stay dry during winter weather storms. In the spring and summer, however, the focus is to stay dry and cool, so there is an inherent challenge for designers in the creation of, and for consumers in the choice of outwear during the warmer, wet months.

The obvious key elements to choosing outerwear for the warm, wet seasons is to choose something that is both waterproof and lightweight. Another element to consider that is often overlooked when buying rain gear is pack- or carry-ability. Because of the warmer temperatures, it is unlikely that you will want to keep any type of excess clothing on any longer than is necessary.



(Steven Alan, Jack Spade, Barbour, Jack Wills)

In terms of jackets, choose items like unlined, waterproof parkas and zip jackets in neutral or cool colors like beige, olive green, mustard yellow, or poppy red. For rain boots (yes, men SHOULD wear rain boots), go for a basic rubber-sole rain boot in a dark color like navy, black, grey, or green as these colors are less likely to show dirt and mud residue.  As for umbrellas, yes. Please, for my sanity and for the sake of everyone around you, use an umbrella!


(Sperry, Tommy Hilfiger, Hunter, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew)



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Snow Day Style

In honor of today’s “Snow Day!” statuses crowding my timeline, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to write a post dedicated to snow day gear. A few days ago I posted “Warm Rugged and Manly (Winter) Accessories”  to lead men in the direction of stylish and sophisticated winter weather accessories like cashmere scarves and hand-stitched leather gloves. These items paired with a great wool peacoat or trench are perfect for a walk through the city to work or spending a couple hours at a sporting event, but they aren’t exactly suited for rolling around in the snow with a girlfriend, sledding down a hill on a plastic saucer, or channeling your inner kid with a snow ball fight.

The trick is to add warmth by adding layers. Wearing a sweat shirt and just a big puffer coat will have you looking like a burnt marshmallow and worse will leave you feeling trapped…After moving around outside for more than ten minutes your body will start overheating in the puffer, but taking it off and wearing just a sweat shirt will have you freezing again. Instead opt for a multipurpose coat that has built in layers with a fleece or soft shell inner jacket, and a flexible, durable (WATERPROOF) outer shell. With a jacket like this you can add and remove sections as needed, and many are equipped with things like ventilation pockets to keep your body cool during activity. Try one of these from The North Face and Patagonia:


If you’re like me, and don’t really want to wear a 3-in-1 jacket like the ones above and would rather pick and choose the layers as you desire, then I recommend a slim-cut quarter zip fleece as a base layer (over a cotton shirt or if you’re feeling fancy an Under Armour cold gear top) topped with a full zip waterproof soft shell in mild  conditions, or a heavier insulated shell for more moderate winter weather conditions.

Try these from Under Armour and Helly Hansen


Now for the perfect winter weather boots. I personally love Sorel:


Some fun additionals….


Stay warm, and stay stylish, my friends.

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LDW Deals & Digs

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BloomGROxfords BloomHUGOChamb        BloomMKShirt

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BBcottont BBParka BBSportCoat

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Cashmere Sweater $98.50  $60.00 Seersucker Shorts $79.50  $40.00

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Vintage Wash $98.90  $61.60        Pocket T $45.00   $14.00          Ludlow Suit Jacket $425.00 $199.00

Nordstrom: Up to 40% Off Shoes


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Lord & Taylor : 20% Off Regular & Sale, and 10% Off Clearance


Top Picks:

LTKrooBlazer LTLacosteShirtLTCKBelt

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When buying something for your wardrobe, the material, or fabric, is just as important, if not more important than the design of the item. The rule-of-thumb here is to always check the tag for 100%, or pure, fabrics.


L I N E N                                                           W O O L                                                        S U E D E


Shirts: 100% Cotton

Ties: 100% Wool or 100% Silk

Belts: 100% Leather


  • Business Casual: 100% Suede or 100% (Genuine) Leather
  • Dress: 100% Leather

Sports Coats/ Blazers :

  • 100% Wool: Slightly heavier, structured, classic

-Wool/Cashmere Blend (The only acceptable blend): rich, elegant

  • 100% Suede: Can be more casual, or more hip/trendy
  • 100% Cotton Twill: Softer, more relaxed
  • 100% Linen: Cooler fabric, country-club-esque

Suit Coats: 100% wool or 100% Linen

A pure, 100% fabric choice is going to translate to a higher price tag, but with that comes higher quality. You are paying for something that is going to last, while maintaining its comfort and structure.

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