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Shamrocks and Shambles at every age

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most notorious and sloppiest drinking days of the year. I attribute this to America’s desire to turn every holiday into a drinking day, and the fact that St. Patty’s is the first holiday of the spring season, and people are excited to come out of hibernation and raise a glass to all things Irish- from potatoes to plaid skirts.

If you’re in college, St. Patty’s means dressing up like a leprechaun, head to toe in Kelly green, adorned with leftover Mardi Gras beads, running between frat houses, or bars (if you have an ID), drowning yourself in cheap booze dyed green with food coloring and taking shots of Bailey’s so that you can claim some false sense of sophistication. Regardless of what you’re drinking, you’re drinking a lot of it – enough to think it’s a good idea to stand on a table in a kilt and attempt an Irish jig to “Danny Boy.” Luckily (pun-intended) when you wake up the next day next to a name-less girl with a smeared shamrock on her face, you won’t remember any of this…until name-less befriends you on Facebook a few days later and undoubtedly tags you in a series of blurred pictures and videos belonging to an album titled, “FRESHMAN YEAR!!”

If you’re in your first few years of post-grad life, you’re probably definitely nostalgic for the scenario described above, and plan to spend the holiday at a Living Social “Irish Stroll”/ “Luck o’ the Irish” bar crawl with 800 other GenY(am I not still in college?!?)s who have the same void to fill. And let’s be honest, because you feel like you need to either keep up with your younger friends who are still in school, or want to (falsely) prove to them that post-grad life is just as crazy, if not crazier, than college life, you’re going to get absolutely Irish-style smashed whilst singing “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.” Instead of waking up with a girl, you’ll wake up with a fat Uber tab.

Okay, so this is a fashion blog, and aside from the brief references to green jumpsuits and kilts, I haven’t talked about what you SHOULD be wearing… as a real person… in the real world…with some scrap of dignity…on this festive green holiday. So, here it is: Wear something green, preferably a bright, happy green, and pair it with a more subdue or neutral color like denim, chocolate brown, khaki, white, or forest green. Instead of mardi gras beads and face paint, accessorize with green patterned socks, a belt with a clover buckle, or shamrock tie.


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Stupid Cupid: Valentine’s Gift Guide


“The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.” – Billy Graham
Valentine’s Day is all about romance! Keep this in mind. Whatever you do or give to your significant other on this day should be totally selfless, it should surprise and excite. Do something unexpected; do something you may not otherwise do. Throw rationale out the door. Be playful, be fun, be thoughtful, be romantic.
Forget the cliches of jewelry and flowers. Do something that will make your girlfriend, wife, significant other feel like you know them better than anyone else. In my opinion experiences and activities are much more romantic and memorable than a traditional gift.
Here are a few ideas:
 heart If you can afford to go away for the weekend, surprise your girl with a (seemingly) spontaneous getaway. Choose a quaint place where the two of you can spend quality time just the too of you without too many distractions. A nice lake-side or mountain cabin is a great idea for those who live in the Northeast or Mid-West regions. If you live in the South or a coastal area, rent a small beach house for a night or two.
heartIf you have both been talking about a trip to Rome or Paris, but can’t quite afford it, recreate it at your home or a hotel by modifying your surroundings. If going for the Parisian theme, set up a small bistro table with flowers and candles, have french music playing, order macaroons, eat things like escargot and brie cheese, make crepes together.
heartFocus on her favorite things. Cook her favorite meal and dessert, have her favorite music playing throughout dinner, her favorite movie in the DVD player, etc. This is a great way to make her feel special and let her know you pay attention and care about her without breaking the bank.
If you’re afraid you’ll mess one of those things up, or if you’re just not totally comfortable doing something, buy her something that isn’t too cliche or average.
heartIf you decide on jewelry, it should be something exceptionally nice- something that comes in a little blue box, to be precise. OR if you aren’t feeling a trip to Tiffany’s, buy something nice and have it personalized with a short message or her initials.
heartMake her something. Girls are used to making things like collages or nice framed photographs, but rarely do they receive them. Gather pictures, movie tickets, etc. and create a collage, or have a photo of the two of you enlarged, and professionally printed and framed.
Click here for more INSPIRED Valentine’s Day gifts!
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A Guy’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Girls

The biggest thing to remember when buying for a girl is that girls are more likely to respond to a thoughtful gift rather than a practical gift. Getting her something that says you actually know her and understand her will go a long way!


Here are some great gift ideas. I recognize that not everyone reading this post is buying for a girlfriend so these gifts (with the exception of number 8) can also be gifted to a sister, friend, or other family member.

1. A tech accessory! It’s no secret girls like to have their phones with them 24/7 so this is gift that will certainly get used!

2. A nice, high quality, scarf. It can be a heavier cashmere or wool winter scarf, or something more delicate with an intricate print.

3. Fun statement jewelry! No need to spring for Tiffany’s (unless you have the $$ to do so). Opt for something less extravagant but equally as stylish.

4. A small clutch or shoulder bag. If you’re feeling ballsy go for something in a bright orange, deep purple, or even green. If you’re a little scared to navigate the color territory, basic black is always a winner.

5. An everyday accessory- a watch, or sunglasses! Sunglasses can be tricky so proceed with caution, but you can’t go wrong with an MK watch.

6. Perfume. Find what she already wears and ask the expert behind the counter what they’d recommend based on that. Go for something that is at the same price point or higher than what she already has!

7. Something for her apartment. A nice candle, new cooking equipment, or coffee table books make excellent gifts if you know the things your girl likes. If she’s into travel get her a picture or map of her favorite city framed. If she likes fashion, get her the Vogue Covers publication.

8. Something you BOTH can enjoy- like new underwear or a fancy lingerie set! (Just don’t let her open it in front of family )

Check out my WISHCLOUD devoted to gift buying for girls!

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Gift Guide for Guys (Under $200)



1. A nice flask. Make it personalized and get it monogrammed.

2.Stone or ceramic shot glasses. They are much more durable and break resistant than traditional glassware.

3.Fun, colorful, patterned socks make great stocking stuffers and are a necessity you can’t go wrong with…

4.A new designer scent. Take note of what he usually wears and try to find something similar, but different!

5.Shaving accessories like a shaving cream brush, traditional straight blade, and/or aftershave cooling gel.

6.A nice, leather money clip (or wallet), because he’s going to need somewhere to put the giftcards and cash that people who don’t know him well (or people who didn’t read this post) are bound to get him.

7. A silk pocket square in a fun pattern that compliments the number 9.tie you’re also getting him.

8.Warm and stylish winter weather scarf in cashmere or wool.

9.The aforementioned patterned silk tie. Try gingham or polka dots instead of traditional stripes or plaid.


Shop this gift guide! Plus check out other similar or related products!!

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Holiday Party Dress Code

Tis the season for holiday parties which means lots of small talk, Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD, mistletoe, and egg nog hangovers. It also means having to put together an outfit that says “I’m classy, but I’m here to party.”… I’m kidding, but seriously…If you’re just getting out of college, then chances are you’re an HPV- Holiday Party Virgin, because hosting an Ugly Sweater Party at your frat house last year doesn’t count, and showing up to a block party, office party, or family party dressed in an ugly sweater, Elf boxers, and a Santa hat isn’t going to land your name on anybody’s “nice list” this season, let alone next year’s invite list serve.

The look to aim for when it comes to dressing for holiday parties is “comfortable sophistication.” This means putting away the Elf boxers and ugly sweater, because while those things might be comfortable, they are hardly sophisticated. However, unless explicitly stated in some sort of “you are cordially invited…” invitation, there is really no need to break out the expensive suit or tux. It’s a party- you’re there to mingle and have fun, and you should be comfortable doing it.

It’s important to keep the venue and the audience in mind when choosing any outfit, but this is especially true when t comes to a party. However, there are a few pretty safe bet items that are sure to suit any party’s style. Try a pair of corduroys or chinos in a dark color like Navy, Burgundy, or Brown, or a pair of slim fit dark wash jeans on the bottom. On top, try a sport or dress shirt in a lighter color like chambray, white, or even salmon. Couple this with a nice navy, burgundy, or grey sports coat in a tweed, wool, or cashmere. If that’s too much, opt for a sweater vest or cardigan in place of the blazer. Either way, top it off with a classic skinny tie and you are good to go.

Remember that it’s a party. Add an accent item to your outfit, like a saturated sweater in a deep color, a velvet blazer, a bright patterned tie, or really nice suede wingtips or boots in a fun, complimentary color!


Don’t be afraid to mix fabric materials and patterns. Have fun with it!

Remember that the holiday season is all about giving, so don’t come empty handed. Greet the host or hostess with a bottle of wine, seasonal candle, or festive food like holiday popcorn or cookies.

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How-To: Halloween

Dress up for HALLOWEEN parties and pub crawls without fearing revocation of your man-card.

This post is directed at guys who are not dressing up in some cheesy couples costume and/or are not dressing as the Backstreet Boys with their bros…

3 Effortless Costumes:

1. 1920’s/ Great Gatsby-esque character- simply sport your nicest three piece suit, pop a cigar in your mouth, slick back your hair, drink martinis all night

2. Don Draper/ Mad-Men era- Like above, simply choose a dark-colored 2 or 3 piece suit, throw on a fedora and head out.

3. Forrest Gump- Khaki pants & jacket with a blue plaid button-down. Carry around a box of chocolates and speak slow all night.

5 Costumes that Require $20 or 20 minutes:

1. Monopoly Man- Tuxedo (preferably with tail coat), top hat, cane, spyglass, and an obnoxious white mustache

2. Professional Athlete- You literally just wear any sports uniform, mess up your hair a bit to look like you just finished playing, and carry around a prop/ball with you…and a pen, because let’s face it, you’re a famous athlete and everyone wants your autograph

3.Alex  Clockwork Orange- White pants, white button down, jockstrap, black boots, white suspenders, short black top hat, and then use gray or black eye liner to draw on the creepy extended eyelashes on one eye

4. Waldo- Jeans, red and white striped T-shirt or sweater, red or red&white striped beanie. Bonus points for glasses & a cane

5. Minions- Jean overalls, yellow T-shirt, Yellow beanie w/ large white paper eyes. For added effect, attach black pipe cleaner to the top of the beanie as hair and attach the logo to your overalls.

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LDW Deals & Digs

Bloomingdale’s : 20-65% Off


Top Picks:

BloomGROxfords BloomHUGOChamb        BloomMKShirt

Gordon Rush $245.00  $156.18                    HUGO  $105.00    $78.75             Michael Kors $125.00     $74.37

Brooks Brothers: Up to 60% Off


Top Picks:

BBcottont BBParka BBSportCoat

Cotton Tee $49.50  $29.70            Casual Parka $298.00  $119.20    Cashmere Sport Coat $998.00  $499.00

Vineyard Vines: 20% Off Sale Items



Cashmere Sweater $98.50  $60.00 Seersucker Shorts $79.50  $40.00

J.Crew: 30% Sale Item



Vintage Wash $98.90  $61.60        Pocket T $45.00   $14.00          Ludlow Suit Jacket $425.00 $199.00

Nordstrom: Up to 40% Off Shoes


Top Picks:

NordChukka                       NordLoafer                          NordLaCoste

Chukka Boot $240.00  $159.90    Mezlan Loafer  $335.00  $219.96   Lacoste Twill $120.00  $71.98

Lord & Taylor : 20% Off Regular & Sale, and 10% Off Clearance


Top Picks:

LTKrooBlazer LTLacosteShirtLTCKBelt

Kroon Blazer $275.00  $143.99     Lacoste $98.00  $39.20   Calvin Klein $45.00   $25.20

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Labor Day Weekend Style Guide

“All White” parties sprung up as a trendy way to say goodbye to seasonal whites, in abidance of fashion’s most followed rule, and have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These parties, characterized by men and women rocking white linen pants and maxi dresses boozing on top-self bottles, are synonymous with Labor Day Weekend, and the end of summer. If you have any familiarity or association with yuppie cities like New York and Boston, or elitist  shore towns like Southampton, then you have probably been to one or more of these parties over the years, or at the very least, have seen the photo evidence of them plastered on your Newsfeed or Instagram stream.

What To Wear:

 You have a lot of options, but they all share a common denominator: the color white. I took some time to browse my favorite brands and here are a few safe picks…

On the Bottom: 

WhiteTBLinensWhiteBBChinos WhiteBBGolfShorts WhiteBBTwills

Tommy Bahama Linen        Brooks Brothers Twill           Brooks Brothers         Brooks Brothers Chino

On Top:

WhiteJVOxford WhiteCKPolo WhiteMKVNeck WhiteTBTropezLinen

John Varvatos                     Calvin Klein                           Michael Kors                       Tommy Bahama

On Top of the Top:

RLChinoJacket WhiteBBDblBlazer

Ralph Lauren                                       Brooks Brothers

Beneath the Bottom:

WhiteGucciLoaf WhiteSperryBS

Gucci Loafers                               Sperry

If you’re not crazy about the white on white on white…on white, add in some muted shades of red and blue, keeping with the American theme of the holiday weekend.

HBRedOxfor JVbluwhitJSbowtie

Hugo Boss                     John Varvatos                        Jack Spade

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