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Stupid Cupid: Valentine’s Gift Guide


“The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.” – Billy Graham
Valentine’s Day is all about romance! Keep this in mind. Whatever you do or give to your significant other on this day should be totally selfless, it should surprise and excite. Do something unexpected; do something you may not otherwise do. Throw rationale out the door. Be playful, be fun, be thoughtful, be romantic.
Forget the cliches of jewelry and flowers. Do something that will make your girlfriend, wife, significant other feel like you know them better than anyone else. In my opinion experiences and activities are much more romantic and memorable than a traditional gift.
Here are a few ideas:
 heart If you can afford to go away for the weekend, surprise your girl with a (seemingly) spontaneous getaway. Choose a quaint place where the two of you can spend quality time just the too of you without too many distractions. A nice lake-side or mountain cabin is a great idea for those who live in the Northeast or Mid-West regions. If you live in the South or a coastal area, rent a small beach house for a night or two.
heartIf you have both been talking about a trip to Rome or Paris, but can’t quite afford it, recreate it at your home or a hotel by modifying your surroundings. If going for the Parisian theme, set up a small bistro table with flowers and candles, have french music playing, order macaroons, eat things like escargot and brie cheese, make crepes together.
heartFocus on her favorite things. Cook her favorite meal and dessert, have her favorite music playing throughout dinner, her favorite movie in the DVD player, etc. This is a great way to make her feel special and let her know you pay attention and care about her without breaking the bank.
If you’re afraid you’ll mess one of those things up, or if you’re just not totally comfortable doing something, buy her something that isn’t too cliche or average.
heartIf you decide on jewelry, it should be something exceptionally nice- something that comes in a little blue box, to be precise. OR if you aren’t feeling a trip to Tiffany’s, buy something nice and have it personalized with a short message or her initials.
heartMake her something. Girls are used to making things like collages or nice framed photographs, but rarely do they receive them. Gather pictures, movie tickets, etc. and create a collage, or have a photo of the two of you enlarged, and professionally printed and framed.
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Gift Guide for Guys (Under $200)



1. A nice flask. Make it personalized and get it monogrammed.

2.Stone or ceramic shot glasses. They are much more durable and break resistant than traditional glassware.

3.Fun, colorful, patterned socks make great stocking stuffers and are a necessity you can’t go wrong with…

4.A new designer scent. Take note of what he usually wears and try to find something similar, but different!

5.Shaving accessories like a shaving cream brush, traditional straight blade, and/or aftershave cooling gel.

6.A nice, leather money clip (or wallet), because he’s going to need somewhere to put the giftcards and cash that people who don’t know him well (or people who didn’t read this post) are bound to get him.

7. A silk pocket square in a fun pattern that compliments the number 9.tie you’re also getting him.

8.Warm and stylish winter weather scarf in cashmere or wool.

9.The aforementioned patterned silk tie. Try gingham or polka dots instead of traditional stripes or plaid.


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