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Festival Fashion

It’s early summer which means the start of festival season. While the theme and feel of each festival is unique, there are a few things every festival has in common: music, food, and fashion. The fashion I speak of is not the fashion you see on city streets, runways, or magazines.The foundation of festival style is the necessity for ease of mobility and overall comfort, which is why you see so many people wearing looser fitting garments in light weight fabrics. Festival fashion has grown organically over the years and has inspired it’s own genre of style that speaks to the spirit of what festivals and festival culture are really about: being free-spirited and stepping out of society for a few hours, or days.

While you may see people at festivals wearing similar things (girls wearing high-waist-ed shorts, tops with fringe, headbands, flowers in their hair, etc. and men wearing tank tops, swim trunks, Bob Marley tees, etc) don’t feel the need to mimic or copy these fashions necessarily. Festivals are a  place to abandon all rules, go against the norm, and wear whatever your heart desires. Just remember to stick to comfortable,light, breathable fabrics, and strive for styles with good vibes.


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(life)Style Lessons Learned from Grease

1. Confidence is HOT. The male characters in Grease, mainly the T-birds and the Scorpions, were by-and-large not very attractive, but somehow they always had a flock of girls around them. That’s because they were confident; they were cool and they knew it…and girls love that. So be confident in yourself.


2. Changing your look can do wonders for you. In the final scene of Grease, Sandy ditched the poodle skirt and bell shaped haircut, and emerged in a hot monochromatic black on black look with a bad-ass hairstyle (for that time) and a whole new attitude. And everyone can agree new Sandy > old Sandra D. Try something new with your look and be confident in it. If you embrace your new look so will others.


3. Guys can and should dance! Nothing is more attractive than a guy who can dance so don’t be afraid to actually dance, rather than bump and grind, with a girl. Girls associate dancing with sex- if you’re good at the former, there is a high probability you’re good at the latter. Don’t know how to dance? Google it.


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