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It’s Raining, Men

You all know the saying, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ You anticipate, at least mentally, that this month of the year will be reliably rainy, but I’ve noticed that mental readiness does not necessarily signify wardrobe readiness.

Dressing for winter and fall weather ailments is much different than dressing for spring and  summer ailments. In the fall and winter seasons, the primary focus in terms of outerwear is warmth, although there is a need to stay dry during winter weather storms. In the spring and summer, however, the focus is to stay dry and cool, so there is an inherent challenge for designers in the creation of, and for consumers in the choice of outwear during the warmer, wet months.

The obvious key elements to choosing outerwear for the warm, wet seasons is to choose something that is both waterproof and lightweight. Another element to consider that is often overlooked when buying rain gear is pack- or carry-ability. Because of the warmer temperatures, it is unlikely that you will want to keep any type of excess clothing on any longer than is necessary.



(Steven Alan, Jack Spade, Barbour, Jack Wills)

In terms of jackets, choose items like unlined, waterproof parkas and zip jackets in neutral or cool colors like beige, olive green, mustard yellow, or poppy red. For rain boots (yes, men SHOULD wear rain boots), go for a basic rubber-sole rain boot in a dark color like navy, black, grey, or green as these colors are less likely to show dirt and mud residue.  As for umbrellas, yes. Please, for my sanity and for the sake of everyone around you, use an umbrella!


(Sperry, Tommy Hilfiger, Hunter, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew)



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Post-Grad Preppy

If you are currently enrolled or just graduated from a college or university in the Northeastern or Southern region of the United States, it’s likely that you walked onto campus with a J.Crew button-down, chino shorts, and Sperry’s, and almost guaranteed that regardless of what you wore that first day,  you graduated in a pastel Vineyard Vines ensemble fastened with a bow-tie and a fresh pair or Sperry’s. As a guy it is pretty hard to resist succumbing to the preppy style as a co-ed, especially if you join a fraternity as there is a certain expectation of conformity inherent in joining any sort of brotherhood, and fraternities are notorious for their conservative, preppy attire. Even if you’re not in a fraternity, with the exception of hipsters and metro or European styles, most college guys fall into the preppy spectrum of style.

…but what happens when you walk off the college campus and into the real world…

While the preppy look is done to an extreme on college campuses, the preppy look is something that has been around forever, transcends age, and can be executed in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels.When you’re out and about in your new post-grad life, you probably don’t want people to mistake you for an under-grad or assume you’re one your way to/from a mixer or social. You want to be taken seriously, and not as some caricature dressed like an Easter egg. While your first instinct may be to get rid of your current wardrobe, don’t!  Hold onto your button-downs, polos, chubbies, and boat shoes, because you can easily take these pieces, rearrange them or style them differently, and create a sophisticated post-grad preppy look. By adding a few darker colored pieces, classic patterns, varied shoe types, and styling, you upgrade your current wardrobe to suit the working world while retaining your personal style and preppy taste.

preppy1 preppy2 Preppy3 preppy4Visit my WishClouds board for more “post-grad preppy” inspired looks!

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Trending Threads: Fall

Now that LDW is over, summer has officially come to end. That means it’s time to put away the brights, whites, and pastels, as fall brings a whole new pallet of colors that are darker, richer, and certainly more pigmented.  Along with the deeper tones and cooler temperatures is a wider range of wardrobe choices for men. The increase in options when you go to your closet stems mostly from the ability to layer in the fall (and winter) months. How far into the season, and depending on where you live, layering will take on a variety of meanings, but take advantage of the ability to throw on a few extra items.

Don’t be afraid to mix multiple colors and fabrics in one outfit; this season’s core colors compliment each other really well!

Colors of the Season:



Ralph Lauren                    J. Press               Brooks Brothers       Hugo Boss

Burgundy/ Maroon:


J. Press                           Vince                         John Varvatos           J. Press



Saturday Surf                                      Paul Smith                                              J. Press

Seasonal Staples:



Brooks Brothers                                            Rag & Bone                                  John Varvatos



French Connection                  Ralph Lauren                                       Thom Browne

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LDW Deals & Digs

Bloomingdale’s : 20-65% Off


Top Picks:

BloomGROxfords BloomHUGOChamb        BloomMKShirt

Gordon Rush $245.00  $156.18                    HUGO  $105.00    $78.75             Michael Kors $125.00     $74.37

Brooks Brothers: Up to 60% Off


Top Picks:

BBcottont BBParka BBSportCoat

Cotton Tee $49.50  $29.70            Casual Parka $298.00  $119.20    Cashmere Sport Coat $998.00  $499.00

Vineyard Vines: 20% Off Sale Items



Cashmere Sweater $98.50  $60.00 Seersucker Shorts $79.50  $40.00

J.Crew: 30% Sale Item



Vintage Wash $98.90  $61.60        Pocket T $45.00   $14.00          Ludlow Suit Jacket $425.00 $199.00

Nordstrom: Up to 40% Off Shoes


Top Picks:

NordChukka                       NordLoafer                          NordLaCoste

Chukka Boot $240.00  $159.90    Mezlan Loafer  $335.00  $219.96   Lacoste Twill $120.00  $71.98

Lord & Taylor : 20% Off Regular & Sale, and 10% Off Clearance


Top Picks:

LTKrooBlazer LTLacosteShirtLTCKBelt

Kroon Blazer $275.00  $143.99     Lacoste $98.00  $39.20   Calvin Klein $45.00   $25.20

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Labor Day Weekend Style Guide

“All White” parties sprung up as a trendy way to say goodbye to seasonal whites, in abidance of fashion’s most followed rule, and have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These parties, characterized by men and women rocking white linen pants and maxi dresses boozing on top-self bottles, are synonymous with Labor Day Weekend, and the end of summer. If you have any familiarity or association with yuppie cities like New York and Boston, or elitist  shore towns like Southampton, then you have probably been to one or more of these parties over the years, or at the very least, have seen the photo evidence of them plastered on your Newsfeed or Instagram stream.

What To Wear:

 You have a lot of options, but they all share a common denominator: the color white. I took some time to browse my favorite brands and here are a few safe picks…

On the Bottom: 

WhiteTBLinensWhiteBBChinos WhiteBBGolfShorts WhiteBBTwills

Tommy Bahama Linen        Brooks Brothers Twill           Brooks Brothers         Brooks Brothers Chino

On Top:

WhiteJVOxford WhiteCKPolo WhiteMKVNeck WhiteTBTropezLinen

John Varvatos                     Calvin Klein                           Michael Kors                       Tommy Bahama

On Top of the Top:

RLChinoJacket WhiteBBDblBlazer

Ralph Lauren                                       Brooks Brothers

Beneath the Bottom:

WhiteGucciLoaf WhiteSperryBS

Gucci Loafers                               Sperry

If you’re not crazy about the white on white on white…on white, add in some muted shades of red and blue, keeping with the American theme of the holiday weekend.

HBRedOxfor JVbluwhitJSbowtie

Hugo Boss                     John Varvatos                        Jack Spade

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