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Shoe Shopping (On a Budget)

I was recently posed the question of what shoes I recommended at under $200, and I was totally struggling to think of suggestions to offer, which is when I realized that so many of the shoes I feature or discuss are pretty pricey and unattainable for most men. So I dedicate this post to the men who want to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

For this post, I’ll be pulling from stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, instead of Barneys and Bergdorf’s.

Dress Shoes:

dresshoesonabudget(Ted Baker $185, Cole Haan $198, Cole Haan $210(yes I know, it’s a little over budget, but they’re awesome))

Casual Chic Shoes:

cashshoesonabudget(Cole Haan $198, H by Hudson Houghton $170, LaCoste $170)

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Style Spotlight: Grosvenor


I usually prefer to promote designers and brands that are sourced, created, and/or produced in the United States, but I am making an exception with this Style Spotlight piece, which focuses on a luxury shirt company from across the pond.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of the Grosvenor brand, that’s because until recently their custom and ready-to-wear shirts were only available in their two store fronts in London and Picadilly, but now these luxury items are available online to preppy professionals around the world, and they’re totally worth the cross Atlantic shipping costs. When you first look at their products online, they might not immediately strike you; at first glance, they look like something you could walk into any department store and pick up…With Grosvenor, the unique quality is in the details: alternating buttons, patterned trim, complimentary colors, carefully selected fabric. Grosvenor does such a great job of creating unique color combinations that appease the eye and favor the preppy man’s tastes.

Here are a few shirts from the Luxury and Casual collections, which range in price from $140-$160, a steal considering the quality and sense of elitism that comes from owning something that is made in limited quantities and is imported from Europe, and not found at your local Macy’s.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 6.28.32 PM

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the shirts to appreciate some of the details I mentioned…

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 6.35.45 PM

What I love so much about the Grosvenor collections of both casual and luxury shirts is that each collection is cohesive and tells a story. This is something that is highly valued in the women’s ready-to-wear division of the fashion industry but is not stressed as much in classic menswear. When it comes to men’s dress shirts and button-downs what you find is that either a prominent menswear designer creates maybe one or two of this style shirt in a basic, neutral color, or you find a brand that creates the same shirt in 8 different colors, but there’s no motif. With Grosvenor it is obvious if you see two of their shirts together that they came from the same collection, either because of a repetition of pattern, color, and detailing amongst the designs.

In addition to excellent shirts, both ready-to-wear and custom designed, Grosvenor also offers accessories, including a wide variety of ties, several sets of crafted cuff-links, belts, and pocket squares- everything the well-dressed man needs, from the waist up, at least.


Visit the Grosvenor site for more information and to purchase one of their high-quality ready-to-wear shirts or have them create a custom shirt, designed specifically to suit your body and your tastes.

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NINE parts polyester + ONE part spandex = the latest trend in men’s fashion, meggings.

As shocking as this trend may be, it is really not at all shocking or unexpected in any way when you really consider the facts. We saw the female legging evolve from a stirrup pant in the 80’s to a workout pant through the 90’s and early 200o’s  to a trendy item worn by the “jappy” populations of New York, New Jersey, and Michigan to a campus phenomenon in 2010 to where they are now, a versatile wardrobe staple for the GenY population. This same evolution is beginning to happen with male leggings. What once was reserved for male ballerinas became acceptable to professional athletes and with young boys aspiring to look and dress like the NFL and MLB players, athletic wear powerhouses like Under Armour and Nike made spandex a commonplace in the gym and on the field. So given the evolution of leggings among women, it was only natural that a similar progression occur among men. However, with that said, I can’t imagine a time that it will be normal to see every other man (and his manhood) on the streets rocking meggings like we see with girls and leggings, but I do think this trend has the potential to take off among hipster and urban GenY populations.

To purchase one of the meggings pictured above, visit MeggingsMan.

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Menswear on the Runway A/W 2014- Round 1

 NAME ON the TAG: Common

What’s to love?
It’s both fun and edgy, but also very WEARABLE. (This is often overlooked on the runway.) The collection is very Euro-urban…not sure that’s an actual thing, but if it were…I say this because the garments are edgy and urban-inspired but have sleek lines and European fit.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 6.47.44 PM


NAME ON the TAG: Chester Barrie

What’s to love?
Exquisite fitting suits! Classic, clean lines. The designs  are chic and sophisticated and the styling is spot-on. Captivating styles that can span generations. I love it all!!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 7.01.05 PM


NAME ON the TAG: Hardy Amies

What’s to love?

EVERYTHING. I’m all about classic looks that will never go out of style when it comes to menswear. These are items you can buy now and continue to wear for the rest of your life. I love the splash of bold colors throughout the collection. And I love the layering! You can mix and match all of the individual pieces to create so many different outfits and looks.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 7.21.51 PM

(All photos sourced from Vogue)

More here…

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Style Spotlight: Beau Ties

Imagine the craziest most fun pattern you can think of…now imagine that pattern or print fastened into a well-crafted classic-cut neck or bow tie…what you get is Beau Ties. Beau Ties, a Vermont-based company, offers its customer neck-wear in a wide variety of cuts and styles in an even wider variety of fun, bold patterns and at an affordable price with pieces starting at $40.00.



In 1993, Bill Kenerson began crafting a small variety of fun, attractive bow ties for himself out of dissatisfaction with what retailers at the time had to offer. Then he took a risk, put himself out there, and began selling his quality pieces in a one-page mailer. The response was all around positive and as word spread, demand increased, and eventually Kenerson and his wife devoted themselves to establishing Beau Ties as a legitimate brand specializing in neck-wear and devoted to quality and craftsmanship. Even as the company and product line  have expanded, and the company changed ownership, the commitment to quality has remained intact in each and every one of their products which now include menswear items, accessories, and a few women’s fashion items.

Reasons to Shop & Love this Brand:

1. Made in America
2. High-Quality Craftsmanship
3. Affordability
4. Customization
5. Customer Satisfaction Policies

My favorite pieces:


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WishClouds Floats Above Wanelo


So after my recent post about my discovery of WishClouds, I remembered that a friend of mine had told me about another online shopping guru site Wanelo (WAnt NEed LOve)…so naturally given my propensity for problem solving and analysis, I started doing a bit of testing and playing around on both sites. I discovered that while both sites operate with the same goal: providing users/shoppers the ability to search and scour hundreds of brands and retailers at once and then sort and monitor items they like, the two platforms are very, very different in layout and execution.

Here is how I think the two compare in a variety of categories:

User Interface: WishClouds > Wanelo

Navigation: Wanelo > WishClouds

Search Results: WishClouds> Wanelo

Feed/Trending : WishClouds = Wanelo

Social: Wanelo> Wishclouds

Extra Features: Wish Clouds >>> Wanelo

Overall, I definitely think that WishClouds provides a superior user experience to that of Wanelo. The only part of Wanelo that stood out to me was the ability to add comments to items, @mention users, and #hashtag trends. However, the ability to be notified when items going on sale, the trendsetter/blogger feature, and  better Trending and Search categories make WishClouds the superior online shopping genius IMO…and Twitter agrees!!

(I had 8 or 9 users express their love for WishClouds VIA Twitter, and sadly no tweeters came forth to represent Wanelo. )

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A Guy’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Girls

The biggest thing to remember when buying for a girl is that girls are more likely to respond to a thoughtful gift rather than a practical gift. Getting her something that says you actually know her and understand her will go a long way!


Here are some great gift ideas. I recognize that not everyone reading this post is buying for a girlfriend so these gifts (with the exception of number 8) can also be gifted to a sister, friend, or other family member.

1. A tech accessory! It’s no secret girls like to have their phones with them 24/7 so this is gift that will certainly get used!

2. A nice, high quality, scarf. It can be a heavier cashmere or wool winter scarf, or something more delicate with an intricate print.

3. Fun statement jewelry! No need to spring for Tiffany’s (unless you have the $$ to do so). Opt for something less extravagant but equally as stylish.

4. A small clutch or shoulder bag. If you’re feeling ballsy go for something in a bright orange, deep purple, or even green. If you’re a little scared to navigate the color territory, basic black is always a winner.

5. An everyday accessory- a watch, or sunglasses! Sunglasses can be tricky so proceed with caution, but you can’t go wrong with an MK watch.

6. Perfume. Find what she already wears and ask the expert behind the counter what they’d recommend based on that. Go for something that is at the same price point or higher than what she already has!

7. Something for her apartment. A nice candle, new cooking equipment, or coffee table books make excellent gifts if you know the things your girl likes. If she’s into travel get her a picture or map of her favorite city framed. If she likes fashion, get her the Vogue Covers publication.

8. Something you BOTH can enjoy- like new underwear or a fancy lingerie set! (Just don’t let her open it in front of family )

Check out my WISHCLOUD devoted to gift buying for girls!

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If You Don’t Know Now You Know…WISH CLOUDS


I was recently introduced to perhaps the coolest thing since sliced bread. Wish Clouds is a social media online shopping platform that takes everything you love about Pinterest and couples it with an enhanced online shopping experience. Wish Clouds contains an advanced search capability that pulls from a database of product merchandise from major retailers, brands, and companies. This allows you to type something like “Tweed” or “Sports Coat” and any items from the hundreds of brands and retailers matching this description or meta-tagged with these terms appear in the results. So, instead of looking for an item like “Pink Dress Shirt” on 6 different stores’ sites, you can now go to one place and see hundreds of results, or narrow your search to include only vendors/ retailers you regularly shop or prefer.


Like Pinterest, Wish Clouds‘ users are able to create clouds (boards) where they save, or add items they desire or wish to buy. Users can even make purchases from the Wish Clouds site. Wish Clouds monitors the items in your clouds and alerts you when the items go on sale and even have an automatically created cloud containing all sale items! This is an online shopper’s wet dream…or worst nightmare. It is going to revolutionize the online shopping marketplace.



Check out and follow my Wish Clouds (Dressingeveryman) account for my favorite Menswear and fashion items!

Sign up and start creating your own clouds!!

Wish Clouds also has a wonderful (free) App for iPhones so you can post wishes on the go!

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Daily Deal Wrap-Up


John Varvatos Footwear! My favorites:

  • Vintage Chukka in Whiskey
  • Ago Wingtip in Brown

Threads by Sebastien James. My favorites:

  • Checked Sportshirt in Blue
  • Herringbone Stripe Sportshirt in Purple

MontBlanc Watches and Wallets. My favorites:

  • 102360 Sport Black Stainless Steel Watch
  • Extra Long Classic Reversible Belt in Black/Brown


J Brand! My favorites:

  • Tyler Perfect Slim Jean in Heretic and Hidden Pomegranate
  • Kane Straight Leg Jean in Artisan Noble Blue

T-Tech by Tumi. My favorites:

  • Waterproof Wool Blend Topcoat
  • Hooded Packable Anorak in Vintage Green


Stocking Stuffers: Socks and Underwear. My favorites:

  • Ben Sherman Stripe Boxer Briefs
  • Clapham Printed, Stripe, and Solid Socks (ALL OF THEM)

Life After Denim. My Favorites:

  • Striped Henley
  • Bold Plaid Sportshirt
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