It’s a Short Story

While the frigid temperatures and repetitive snow storms make it seem premature to start talking about spring trends and style advice, I think it’s only fair that I share this coming trend in advance as it may require some prep work. This spring it is not just women whose hemlines and shrinking and revealing more skin; men’s shorts are getting shorter as well.

For decades men’s shorts were cut at the knee or just above the knee, but this season shorts are getting a trim, being cut 3-7 inches shorter than what most of us are used to. If you were born in the 60’s or 70’s in which case this trend is just a throwback to the days of the jogger short, but if you were born in the more recent decades and fall under the growing “millennial” generation, this is going to be a major change, but definitely one to embrace.

shortshorts(Michael Bastian, Scotch & Soda, J.Crew)

Before you go out to a store and grab the shortest shorts you can find, take an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself if your thighs are ready for all the eyes they will inevitably catch. If the answer is no, it’s time to hit the squatting rack at the gym. Just a few short weeks of squats, lunges, and/or leg presses will have your legs looking more defined and certainly more ready for this season’s trend. If color is your problem (ie you’re pasty or have a distinct tan line left over from last summer) hold off on the short shorts until you have a chance to get some sun on those thighs.

Once you’re physically and mentally ready to embrace the trend, go for it. The great thing about this trend is that it is not restrictive to any one particular style. What I mean by this is that they come in a variety of styles and cuts and can be found at a variety of retailers and brands.

Here are some great ways to style short shorts…

shortsoutfit1Shorts, Top, Fedora all from Scotch & Soda, Shoes by Toms

shortsoutfit2Shorts from JCrew, Shoes by Sperry, Top by Wolf Vs. Goat

shortsoutfit3Shorts by Michael Bastian, Shirt by Peter Millar, Bow Tie from Beau Ties Ltd, and Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Short Story

  1. GB says:

    I think the millennials are also starting to embrace the short shorts trend as well, as shown by the popularity of the Chubbies brand on college campuses and also the popularity of the 5-inch inseam short now offered by Bonobos. Overall, the short shorts trend hasn’t really made its way to Texas yet, but I think this may be the year that a seismic shift takes place. Just this morning in a small diner I noticed a guy in what looked like his early 20’s at the carry-out counter with his girlfriend and he was wearing what appeared to be a 5 or 6-inch inseam short. I don’t make a habit of looking that closely at things, but by the look of a much lower tan line on his legs it indeed looked like he had just recently made the switch to that length. I almost wanted to ask him where he ordered them from or bought them.

    It’s only February here, but it has started to warm up in the past week and so I suspect, after what I saw earlier today, that guys wearing short shorts in this neck of the woods will become increasingly prevalent over the next couple months, partially because I think older guys are also glad to see the return of “short” shorts, given that we grew up wearing them and have gotten tired of wearing stuff that barely qualifies as shorts. I really don’t think it will take too long for most guys to embrace this change. I’ll still probably continue to wear most of my shorts at knee-length or just above that, but I’m also looking forward to once more start wearing something that hits only mid-thigh from time to time. And, it’s about time.

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