Stylish Sweatpants? No longer an oxymoron.

This season sweatpants, sweat shirts, and even sweatsuits are super stylish. I thought that was going to be a lot harder to say, as I have traditionally hated anything that is made of all cotton, has no shape, and is fastened with elastic, and I have always vocalized my distaste for such items. However, I am loving what I am seeing from major brands and retailers in the way of sweats. What we are seeing is a fresh, streamlined, and DESIGNED take on items that were typically, or should have typically been, reserved for sick days and cold-weather runs. This redesign has re-purposed sweat pants and hoodies, making them acceptable for casual everyday wear.

When shopping for sweat pants, opt for a slimmer cut leg to avoid the baggy, sloppy look. If you want a very basic sweat pant, pay attention to the material; cashmere can add an air of sophistication and your skin will thank you. If you want a fun, bold color, then cut is extremely important; the more fitted the better. Also, pay attention to the details: the color of the drawstring, the thickness of the elastic bands, pockets, stitching, and embellishments.


(Scotch & Soda, Scotch & Soda, Theory, Brunello Cucinelli)

As for sweatshirts, there are even more ways to have fun and be creative. If you prefer a pullover, or crewneck sweatshirt, go for bold; look for fun, unique patterns. Patterns, designs, and color add dimension, and also make sweatshirts more closely resemble sweaters, but are generally lighter weight and more street-style than a sweater. Pair a crew-neck sweatshirt or pullover with cuffed chinos or jeans, and shorts. For a zip-up style sweatshirt, look for items with unique trim, and standout zippers and stitching. Zip-ups are typically more versatile than pullovers as they can be worn with basically anything, and they are easy to take on and off.

sweattops(Theory, Scotch & Soda, Rag & Bone, John Varvatos)
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