Trend Alert: Unconventional Camo

What used to be reserved for hunting, fishing, and redneckery is coming out of the woods and entering the mainstream.  So either people using camo to portray a hunter/farmer/rural image, or our perception of and reaction to camo is changing, or both.The most ironic and comical part about this is that the camo trend is most popular among urban and preppier crowds, which traditionally try to distance themselves from anything that might be portrayed as redneck, hilly-billy, or less than luxury. Regardless, this is a trend for the masses; companies from H&M to J.Crew to Prada as well as smaller brands and designers are picking up on and pushing out hard. Even if you want to avoid it, you are going to be forced to see it in the stores, on the streets, and even on the runway. So chances are you will inevitably be forced to blend in(pun intended) and rock the once grudge-inducing camo print.

Before you get started…

1. You MUST be confident wearing it…this is especially true if you’re the first of your friend group to try it out- chances are high that they will rip on you… until they eventually learn to embrace it.

2. Start small and subtle. Maybe a camo wallet, socks, pocket square, or phone cover. Get comfortable with it before you run out and buy a camo jumpsuit. (That was a joke) NEVER buy a camo jumpsuit…don’t do it.


Now, the fun part. Here are a few (tasteful) outfit ideas that incorporate camo:

camooutfit1 camooutfit2 camooutfit3

You can find these items and other inspiration on my Camo Comback Wishcloud!

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