Grunge, not Gross

Attention millennials: Grunge is back! For those of you Gen-Y babies who didn’t have the pleasure or displeasure of experiencing the peak of the grunge-era because the only thing you were rocking in the 90’s was Gymboree or The Children’s Place, now is your chance to get a little taste of the grunge. I am not sure why or how this trend has come to re-emerge, and honestly I’m pretty reluctant to fully embrace it. If you’re like me and you typically stick to a clean-cut, put-together look, grunge is going to be a challenge. BUT, being the problem solver that I am, I have come up with some ways that people like us can get a taste of the grunge without being swallowed by it and being mistaken for a homeless person.

When planning and researching for this post, I went through some old yearbooks of someone I knew who is about 8 years my senior, and let me tell you there is no better grunge-era inspiration than a suburban Maryland high school yearbook from 1997. I couldn’t help but cringe (and then laugh out loud) at the over-sized graphic tees, baggy painters’ pants, flannel, overalls, and skechers.

However, I am convinced that there is a way to re-invent grunge without looking like a member of Sum 41…or the Backstreet Boys. Most 90’s grunge-era garments are able to be replicated in a more stylish modern way or just simply by altering how they are worn…the exception to this rule is baggy and/or painters jeans.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 12.37.57 PM

Instead of…

  • Over-alls, try mixing denims like a light chambray button-down with a slim pant in dark denim
  • Sloppy flannel top, drop the sloppy and get a flannel that is fitted and fully buttoned
  • Over-sized t-shirts, pick a soft brushed cotton tee with a decent 80’s band or campaign slogan

Check out my “Grunge-Era” wishcloud for more 90’s throwback inspiration!

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