TV’s Best Dressed Round 1

The absolute best dressed male TV character, in my humble opinion, is hands- down, Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl. Nobody wears a three piece suit better than NY’s boy billionaire. He is fearless when it comes to mixing colors and patterns, and the result is quite pleasing to the eye. I think the only outfit of Chuck’s that I didn’t have the utmost adoration for was his monochromatic sweatsuit when playing basketball, but this is a minor blemish on his record of impeccable taste.


While I could go on and on about Chuck Bass, there are other characters on television who deserve some recognition for their style.

Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation is possibly one of the most likable characters on TV because he’s a sort-of average Joe’s hero. His style is geek chic meets casual sophistication. In at least one scene of every episode Ben is wearing some variation of a plaid button down and sweater or cardigan. You’d be hard pressed to find anybody else on television or otherwise who can rock a Harrington jacket better than Ben Wyatt.


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