New Years Eve Style Guide

While every girl’s go-to NYE outfit is all about sparkle and shine, a guy can’t exactly run around in sequins, glitter, and metallic prints. However that is not to say that a guy’s outfit shouldn’t be sleek or that there shouldn’t be some element of shine because there DEFINITELY should be (to a degree)! A great way to accomplish shine is through fabrics and materials like freshly-shined leather shoes and belt, a velvet or sateen blazer, or a silk shirt. As for color- it’s pretty simple, go for deep, saturated colors like navy, purple, or black.

Here are a few outfit combo ideas:

Combo 1: Nice blue black denim on bottom, a basic grey slim-cut blazer with some sheen, a houndstooth tie, and navy suede shoes to bring out the blue in the denim.


Combo2: Black Velvet Blazer over a crisp white dress shirt, dark-wash jeans fastened with a sleek black belt and cuffed to reveal the sparkly short boot.


Combo 3: Crisp white dress shirt beneath a burgundy tuxedo jacket with contrast lapel in black, which coordinates with the black pants, which can be dress pants for a more formal look, or cords is you want to dress down the tux jacket. Accessorize with a patent leather dress shoe and flashy time piece.


Check out my Wishcloud for the items seen here and then some!

Remember when you’re out celebrating and toasting with Dom that we should all resolve to be a bit more stylish in the New Year. 😉

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5 thoughts on “New Years Eve Style Guide

  1. This is lovely! ❤

    I hope you have a beautiful day! 😀

  2. west says:

    Awesome! Great blog!

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