WishClouds Floats Above Wanelo


So after my recent post about my discovery of WishClouds, I remembered that a friend of mine had told me about another online shopping guru site Wanelo (WAnt NEed LOve)…so naturally given my propensity for problem solving and analysis, I started doing a bit of testing and playing around on both sites. I discovered that while both sites operate with the same goal: providing users/shoppers the ability to search and scour hundreds of brands and retailers at once and then sort and monitor items they like, the two platforms are very, very different in layout and execution.

Here is how I think the two compare in a variety of categories:

User Interface: WishClouds > Wanelo

Navigation: Wanelo > WishClouds

Search Results: WishClouds> Wanelo

Feed/Trending : WishClouds = Wanelo

Social: Wanelo> Wishclouds

Extra Features: Wish Clouds >>> Wanelo

Overall, I definitely think that WishClouds provides a superior user experience to that of Wanelo. The only part of Wanelo that stood out to me was the ability to add comments to items, @mention users, and #hashtag trends. However, the ability to be notified when items going on sale, the trendsetter/blogger feature, and  better Trending and Search categories make WishClouds the superior online shopping genius IMO…and Twitter agrees!!

(I had 8 or 9 users express their love for WishClouds VIA Twitter, and sadly no tweeters came forth to represent Wanelo. )

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