A Guy’s Guide to Buying Gifts for Girls

The biggest thing to remember when buying for a girl is that girls are more likely to respond to a thoughtful gift rather than a practical gift. Getting her something that says you actually know her and understand her will go a long way!


Here are some great gift ideas. I recognize that not everyone reading this post is buying for a girlfriend so these gifts (with the exception of number 8) can also be gifted to a sister, friend, or other family member.

1. A tech accessory! It’s no secret girls like to have their phones with them 24/7 so this is gift that will certainly get used!

2. A nice, high quality, scarf. It can be a heavier cashmere or wool winter scarf, or something more delicate with an intricate print.

3. Fun statement jewelry! No need to spring for Tiffany’s (unless you have the $$ to do so). Opt for something less extravagant but equally as stylish.

4. A small clutch or shoulder bag. If you’re feeling ballsy go for something in a bright orange, deep purple, or even green. If you’re a little scared to navigate the color territory, basic black is always a winner.

5. An everyday accessory- a watch, or sunglasses! Sunglasses can be tricky so proceed with caution, but you can’t go wrong with an MK watch.

6. Perfume. Find what she already wears and ask the expert behind the counter what they’d recommend based on that. Go for something that is at the same price point or higher than what she already has!

7. Something for her apartment. A nice candle, new cooking equipment, or coffee table books make excellent gifts if you know the things your girl likes. If she’s into travel get her a picture or map of her favorite city framed. If she likes fashion, get her the Vogue Covers publication.

8. Something you BOTH can enjoy- like new underwear or a fancy lingerie set! (Just don’t let her open it in front of family )

Check out my WISHCLOUD devoted to gift buying for girls!

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