If You Don’t Know Now You Know…WISH CLOUDS


I was recently introduced to perhaps the coolest thing since sliced bread. Wish Clouds is a social media online shopping platform that takes everything you love about Pinterest and couples it with an enhanced online shopping experience. Wish Clouds contains an advanced search capability that pulls from a database of product merchandise from major retailers, brands, and companies. This allows you to type something like “Tweed” or “Sports Coat” and any items from the hundreds of brands and retailers matching this description or meta-tagged with these terms appear in the results. So, instead of looking for an item like “Pink Dress Shirt” on 6 different stores’ sites, you can now go to one place and see hundreds of results, or narrow your search to include only vendors/ retailers you regularly shop or prefer.


Like Pinterest, Wish Clouds‘ users are able to create clouds (boards) where they save, or add items they desire or wish to buy. Users can even make purchases from the Wish Clouds site. Wish Clouds monitors the items in your clouds and alerts you when the items go on sale and even have an automatically created cloud containing all sale items! This is an online shopper’s wet dream…or worst nightmare. It is going to revolutionize the online shopping marketplace.



Check out and follow my Wish Clouds (Dressingeveryman) account for my favorite Menswear and fashion items!

Sign up and start creating your own clouds!!

Wish Clouds also has a wonderful (free) App for iPhones so you can post wishes on the go!

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One thought on “If You Don’t Know Now You Know…WISH CLOUDS

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