How-To: Halloween

Dress up for HALLOWEEN parties and pub crawls without fearing revocation of your man-card.

This post is directed at guys who are not dressing up in some cheesy couples costume and/or are not dressing as the Backstreet Boys with their bros…

3 Effortless Costumes:

1. 1920’s/ Great Gatsby-esque character- simply sport your nicest three piece suit, pop a cigar in your mouth, slick back your hair, drink martinis all night

2. Don Draper/ Mad-Men era- Like above, simply choose a dark-colored 2 or 3 piece suit, throw on a fedora and head out.

3. Forrest Gump- Khaki pants & jacket with a blue plaid button-down. Carry around a box of chocolates and speak slow all night.

5 Costumes that Require $20 or 20 minutes:

1. Monopoly Man- Tuxedo (preferably with tail coat), top hat, cane, spyglass, and an obnoxious white mustache

2. Professional Athlete- You literally just wear any sports uniform, mess up your hair a bit to look like you just finished playing, and carry around a prop/ball with you…and a pen, because let’s face it, you’re a famous athlete and everyone wants your autograph

3.Alex  Clockwork Orange- White pants, white button down, jockstrap, black boots, white suspenders, short black top hat, and then use gray or black eye liner to draw on the creepy extended eyelashes on one eye

4. Waldo- Jeans, red and white striped T-shirt or sweater, red or red&white striped beanie. Bonus points for glasses & a cane

5. Minions- Jean overalls, yellow T-shirt, Yellow beanie w/ large white paper eyes. For added effect, attach black pipe cleaner to the top of the beanie as hair and attach the logo to your overalls.

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