Boxers & Briefs: From Lockeroom to Bedroom to Boardroom

Here’s the skinny on your skivvies:

  • Never wear them more then one day in a row
  • Always wash between wears
  • Get new underwear every 8-10 months and trash the old ones
  • Look for cotton and micro-fiber fabrics…you want something that breathes
  • Briefs are better for suits, running, and selfies (if you’re into that)
  • Boxers are better for relaxing on the couch and fitting in with the boys at school

The first day of gym in middle school is one of the more stressful, anxiety-ridden events during adolescence for both sexes. For the first time, you have to strip down to your knickers in front of all the other boys (or girls) in your class so you can put on an ill-fitting gym set made up of a stiff T-shirt and clashing mesh shorts held up with a draw string. Nobody is willing to admit that they are looking around at the other kids in the locker room, but we all did it…trying to see where we stood relative to others and assessing our progress on the puberty timeline. Another things you probably took note of is whether people were wearing boxers or briefs, or God-forbid, whitie-tighties. If people were wearing boxers, did they have a design on them? were they plain, striped, plaid? And if people were wearing briefs, what kind were they? Hanes? Fruit of the Loom? etc. At this point in your life all your concerned with is fitting in, so naturally you went home sometime that week and when your mom took you back-to-school shopping, you made sure to grab the underwear that “everyone else” was wearing, and within a few weeks everyone in the locker room is practically wearing identical underwear.

Eventually, with time, what the guys in the gym room think will be rendered null and void, and your focus will be shifted to what they girl you are trying to date, or are dating will think when your pants hit your ankles for the first time. At this point it really doesn’t matter what type of underwear you choose, but the brand and more importantly the condition do matter. Whether you prefer boxers or briefs, you want them to be in good condition. To ensure this follow these two simple rules: Throw out and buy new underwear every 8-10 months, and wear a fresh, clean pair every day. I know how obvious the second rule seems, but you’d be surprised how many college guys try to wear the same underwear more than 1 day because they don’t do laundry frequently enough. No girl wants to go down on a guy wearing pilled, tattered, or dirty knickers.

If you’ve been with a girl long enough to start exchanging gifts, you’ll probably notice that one of the go-to items for a girl to buy for her boyfriend is underwear- usually nice ones- after all, she has to look at them. If your girl buys you underwear this is a good things- not only does it increase your quantity and decrease your temptation to wear the same pair more than once, but it also gives you insight into her taste and what she likes and you can buy items similar to this in the future…

Once you’ve graduated from college and the days of wearing jeans or shirts and a T-shit every day, your underwear preference will be chosen for you. If you always considered yourself more of a boxers kinda guy, you will quickly find that you are now a briefs kinda guy…for one reason and one reason only: comfort. Wearing loose boxers under a suit is a recipe for disaster. They become bunched up, wrinkled, and stuck…and chances are you won’t be able to fix them and even if you think you can, you’ll soon become the guy always shifting in his seat in meetings and trying to nonchalantly rearrange yourself. Briefs are now your best friend…at least during the work week.

Recommended brands:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Diesel
  • Hugo BOSS
  • Gabriel Grey
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