Mad About the Men of Mad Men


Despite the show’s mid-century setting, the cast of Mad Men represent everything there is to love about men’s fashion- timeless classic pieces.  Great menswear has the ability to transcend time- a characteristic envied by women who constantly strive to be ahead of or on point with trends. If you have a wife or girlfriend you will notice that their wardrobes are constantly changing, while yours remains mostly the same give or take a few items. Unlike an A-line skirt or high-waisted dress pants, a suit with clean lines and exceptional fit will never go out of style. If Don Draper and Roger Sterling were real people living today they could easily wear the same suits now as the do on the show. I can almost guarantee that if you went out today and purchased a nice three-piece suit resembling that of Roger (left), or a more modest two-piece like that of Don (right) you could have and wear these items for the next 20 years or more, assuming you care for them correctly.

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