Kevin Spacey Monumental Mark at 2013 Emmy’s

Kevin Spacey Monumental Mark at 2013 Emmy's

All eyes were on Kevin Spacey last night as House of Cards became the first online exclusive series to ever be nominated in award show’s 65 years. While Spacey walked away Emmy-free, the Netflix original series won 3 Emmy’s, a monumental moment for the typically traditional Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Spacey said of the wins and his own nominayion, “It shows that the academy has a modern, progressive streak.” Emmy or not, there is no arguing Spacey’s performance was not epic as Congressman Frank Underwood. Spacey is so convincing that I actually wonder who showed up to last night’s award show: Spacey or Underwood? Spacey sported a sleek but traditional Navy and Black tux, similar to that of Neil Patrick Harris or to something we expect to see Underwood rocking at a congressional gala or state event.

True to character, Spacey (or Underwood) left the audience in suspense as to whether his flag lapel pin was purposely positioned upside down or if it happened by accident. It would not be at all suprising for Spacey to be making some sort of political statement with the pin as he has been notriously engaged in politics, even more so with his current role, but without any official comment from the star, it ‘s safe to assume this was just an accident.

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