Under His Umbrella…Oh wait?

There seems to be a stigma against guys carrying umbrellas. I’m sure this is some unintended result of traditional male roles and the perception of masculinity- similar to a guy’s reluctance to never ask for directions. Just like you’re never lost, I’m sure you’re never wet either… right?

I can remember walking around campus on rainy days and seeing girls decked out in rain boots, waterproof shells, and colorful, patterned umbrellas. Among the colorful mess of umbrellas were guys walking with their heads down, hoods up, and backpacks dripping, because no guy would dare be caught with an umbrella. It was as if being seen carrying an umbrella was cause for revocation of the man-card- I mean no guy carried an umbrella. Any (perceived) masculinity gained by not sporting an umbrella, was immediately off-set when you sat down for class drenched and shivered throughout the entire lecture because your jeans and shoes were soaked with rain water. Not to mention the girl behind you who may have once been interested in you is now disgusted by your wet-dog smell… not much of a pheromone, gentlemen.

Fast forward to the real world, the dripping jacket, tattered pant bottoms, squishy dress shoes, wet-dog thing still doesn’t work. And you certainly do not look any more manly all soaking wet. GET AN UMBRELLA! And use it!

Barneys Umbrella



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