Labor Day Weekend Style Guide

“All White” parties sprung up as a trendy way to say goodbye to seasonal whites, in abidance of fashion’s most followed rule, and have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These parties, characterized by men and women rocking white linen pants and maxi dresses boozing on top-self bottles, are synonymous with Labor Day Weekend, and the end of summer. If you have any familiarity or association with yuppie cities like New York and Boston, or elitist  shore towns like Southampton, then you have probably been to one or more of these parties over the years, or at the very least, have seen the photo evidence of them plastered on your Newsfeed or Instagram stream.

What To Wear:

 You have a lot of options, but they all share a common denominator: the color white. I took some time to browse my favorite brands and here are a few safe picks…

On the Bottom: 

WhiteTBLinensWhiteBBChinos WhiteBBGolfShorts WhiteBBTwills

Tommy Bahama Linen        Brooks Brothers Twill           Brooks Brothers         Brooks Brothers Chino

On Top:

WhiteJVOxford WhiteCKPolo WhiteMKVNeck WhiteTBTropezLinen

John Varvatos                     Calvin Klein                           Michael Kors                       Tommy Bahama

On Top of the Top:

RLChinoJacket WhiteBBDblBlazer

Ralph Lauren                                       Brooks Brothers

Beneath the Bottom:

WhiteGucciLoaf WhiteSperryBS

Gucci Loafers                               Sperry

If you’re not crazy about the white on white on white…on white, add in some muted shades of red and blue, keeping with the American theme of the holiday weekend.

HBRedOxfor JVbluwhitJSbowtie

Hugo Boss                     John Varvatos                        Jack Spade

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